4 of the best music satellite radio stations to play at clothing boutique stores

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If you’ve ever set foot in a clothing store/boutique before, (and there’s a very strong chance that you will have done) one of the first things you will notice is the fact that the store in general may be pretty loud, as there will be music blaring out of the stereo system. You may not realize it, but by having music playing in a clothing boutique store can make one heck of a difference and can really help to set the scene and put customers in the mood for splashing a little more cash. Choosing the right music to play however, is a great deal trickier because you need music that reflects your brand image and the store itself, and that, appeals to your customers in the process. Many clothing boutique stores then, will choose to let music satellite radio stations handle everything for them. If your clothing boutique store could use a bit of a music overhaul, here are 4 of the best music satellite radio stations to play at clothing boutique stores.

Hits 1 – First up, we have Hits 1, which is hugely popular on Sirius XM. Hits one plays tracks that are targeted at younger individuals, so you can expect to hear a lot of pop remixes. Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Usher, Kesha, and many more similar musicians often grace the airwaves of Hits 1, and if you’re looking for something gender neutral that will appeal to members of a slightly younger demographic, Hits 1 is the perfect satellite radio station for your clothing boutique.

90s on 9 – As you can probably expect, 90s on 9 is a station which specialises in music from, yep, you guessed it, from the 90s. If your clothing boutique stocks clothing that is perhaps a little more out there and is not just the conventional clothing you see up and down high streets, 90s on 9 will really help set the atmosphere. You had R&B, Hip Hop, Trance, electro, rock, and much more besides, and with 90s on 9, you get to re-live these amazing genres and fantastic recording artists again and again in your online store.

Lithium – For stores stocking beach wear and sportswear, perhaps going for a skater/surfer vibe, lithium is the perfect station for your store. Playing artists such as Blink 182, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Green Day, Nirvana, and much more besides, it is the perfect station for those who have a passion for classic and contemporary rock and slightly more alternative genres.

Soul Town – Finally, if you want to give your boutique a laid back and uplifting feel, why not switch over to Soul Town and let the music do the rest? Soul Town plays some of the most influential and popular soul classics in history, and covers everything from Marvin Gaye, through to Stevie Wonder. For a store that oozes coolness and style, soul town is the perfect station for you.