Mysterious and Elegant Open Back Bridal Gowns

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Open back bridal gowns have always been elegant and moderately sexy. Such dresses may be a good alternative to gowns with a deep neckline, which are not suitable for all girls, since the deep neckline is sometimes perceived as a vulgar thing. The open back is quite another matter. Such celebrities as Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox were dressed in luxurious dressed with an open back on their wedding days.

When Can a Bride Choose Open Back Wedding Dress?
1. A bride is brave and confident, likes all unusual, devoid of prejudice and stereotypes.
2. A bride likes to attract attention.
3. A wedding will be in summer or on the warm sunny day.
4. A bride has a smooth and beautiful skin without various imperfections such as acne scars, improper tanning, redness and others.
5. A bride is willing to wear it for the triumph of her wedding ceremony in order to make her guests think: “How beautiful she is! She really has royal look!”
6. A bride has got a slim figure, which will allow her to feel confident in different situations: dancing, posing to a photographer or turning to guests, endowing them with a kind word and charming smile. Before the wedding she has to ask somebody from relatives or friends to assess the “rear view” of her back to make sure it is free from treacherous defects. A well-balanced diet, exercising in the gym and aerobics will help a bride-to-be to make her back look perfect.

Types of Open Back Wedding Dresses
These days, fashion designers offer potential brides a variety of choices for open back bridal dresses: curvy ballroom gowns, sometimes complemented with a tail, straight silhouette dresses, mermaid gowns, Greek dresses with elegant drapery, or with tied crossed straps, and short knee-length bridal gowns for daring and free from constraints girls. The back may be opened fully or partially, with a different form of cut-out:

1) Classic oval;
2) rectangular;
3) trapezoidal;
4) triangular;
5) double;
6) asymmetric;
7) in the form of a rhombus, a drop, or a heart.
From behind, a dress may be decorated with lace, satin ribbons, crystals, openwork embroidery, a row of buttons. Decoration varies depending on the style, cut, or designer’s fantasy.

Some Important Details

Preferring a bridal dress of an open back type, be sure to choose a proper bra. It may be a transformer model with silicone straps or an invisible bra (but it is not recommended to wear the latter for more than 6 hours). But what to do if you like wedding dresses with an open back, but they seem to be too daring and provocative? Try to choose a model with lace or transparent inserts – this is a great compromise.

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