Tips on Making Awesome Design for Your Sublimated Basketball Jersey Printing

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In making custom basketball jersey, there are two most popular printing method in printing your own team uniform. And, the sublimation method may be your best method to make custom basketball jersey printing. Actually, this technique is popular for its color vibrant in printing designs, designs, and logos. And, talking about the design of your custom jerseys, you may find difficulties in designing it. There are tips to create cool design for your cool sport jersey.

However, hiring the graphic designer can be the smart way to make your custom design for basket jersey. But making the design by yourself can be an interesting way to express your thought or imagination. And, we would like to share quick tips for you to design your own design by yourself. To make your own design for basketball jersey printing, you should make your vision and find your ideas. And if you do not have you can do a brainstorming by looking for references on the internet. You can find thousands design example that may fit with your visions. If you have what you want, you can draw into an outline. Next thing that you need to do is you should make your parameter. Some restrictions in making your design means you are going to create extraordinary outcome. Those force you to work smartly to get the point across.

 Moreover, you can play with subtle patterns, if you place the pattern on the right place, it will turn beautifully. You can put subtle pattern on your negative space of your basketball jersey printing. Your custom jersey will have a great texture with visual intricacy up-close. You can take a look on Scandals jersey for further reference in applying subtle pattern. You can try to place the design around your focal logo. And, a right way to do this step is by putting  gradients or texture to a classic logo. In fact, the element is impossible to be created using screen printing and will bring your classic logo to be alive without obscuring its identity. After you have done with your design, you may need to ask for others opinion. Before you print the design on your basket jersey, you can ask the opinion to the printing service about your ideas and design. Additionally, they really know what looks good and not and trust your design before printing it. So, that are tips for making your cool designed for sublimated basketball garment printing. Let’s have a try.